“From complex and layered film scores to simple music for corporate videos Tamara is always able to deliver on time and professionally. She can work well with both very specific briefs or little direction, and deliver something that brings profound improvement to the project. Her unique interpretation of my films always leaves me with a score that is never what I expect but always better than I could imagine. 

5 stars
Would go there again”
— Kristina Kraskov "Phenomena & Heavy Haulage Girls'"


Tamara’s appetite for music has become a passionate hunger to compose for film and multimedia. With a Bachelor Degree in Music Composition, and a Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Interactive Composition as well as specialised training in Film Scoring, Tamara commits herself to write, record and produce at the Industry Standards for every project she takes on.

The Melbourne based composer has worked with directors and producers from various Australian Universities and Film Production Companies which has granted Tamara the means and the momentum to infinitely explore originality and professionalism in her work.

With a strong background in music performance, being apart of the Melbourne Youth Music community as a child and having the exposure to an expansive variety of styles, artists, technologies and creative approaches has allowed Tamara to have a vast network of some of the highest calibre of musicians and producers in Melbourne.


"Working with Tamara was a wonderful experience. She was always able to articulate my thoughts through her music. I look forward to working with her again”"
— Kaz Ceh "The Flower Girl"

A really caring, reliable person. She listens, stays true to her director and composer, and gets the job done. I Would recommend her to anyone, whether it be a mixing or composing she always has something to offer.
- Harley King 'Absolution' & 'Blood and Stuffing