A brief view into my works as a film composer and a sound designer.

Music and sound is integral to the film world, contrasting and complimenting the emotions and drama that we see on the screen. Cinema is a very moving and revolutionary industry, as a composer, it is my role to enhance your vision and portray your story to the world.



'Out of Sight' a 360 degree short film

'First National Real Estate' Audio Branding
(Music and Voice Over edits)

'Emergence' a live contemporary performance
(Director, Sound Design and Music)

'VCA Dance Showcase' a dance performance of the Victorian College of the Arts

'Death of Magic' [Game]
(Contributed Music and Sound Design)

'Yesterday's Girl' [Feature Film}
(Lead Sound Designer)

[IN PROGRESS] 'Riot Girl' [Web series] by Jayden Creighton
( Music, Sound Design and Sound Mix )

'Greedy Limbo' a short animation by Milo Gluth
(Music and Sound Design)

'Deep Six' a short film by Gila Fischer


'Suppression' an art installation by ASTRA [Alix Whitelaw and Tamara Partridge]
(Music and Sound)

'Dressed to Kill' short by Stephanie Aromataris
( Music, Sound Design and Sound Mix )

'Objects in Space' [Game] 
(Contributing Composer, Music )

'The last few months I really thought I wanted to be alone, but now that I'm alone, I realise I don't want to be alone[Live Installation] by Kim Munro
( Music and Sound Design )

'The Rusty Hook' [animation] by Riley McLaren
( Music and Sound Design )

'The Gender Game' by Melanie Millado
( Music )

'Box Hill Institute's Music Promotion Campaign' [commercial] for Visual Domain
( Music)

'Meat Week' [TV commercial] by Warren James Productions
( Sound Design and Sound Mix )

'Heavy Haulage Girls' by a short documentary Kristina Kraskov
( Music )

'Absolution' a short commedy by Dion Williams
( Sound Design + Film Mix )

'Serenity' [game]
( Game Music )

'Triple Spells' [game]
( Game Music )

'How to Summon a Girlfriend' [game]
( Game Music + Sound Design )

'Twiglands [game]
( Game Music )


'Flower Girl' by Kaz Ceh
( Music )

'Escape Velocity' by Riley McLaren
( Music + Film Mix ) 

'The Return' by Gavin Davis
( Music + Sound Design ) 

'Blood and Stuffing' by Harley King
( Music + Sound Design ) 

'The Bad Neighbour' by Morgan Taylor
( Music + Film Mix ) 

'Promo Video' for Frankston Film Festival  by Kristina Kraskov

'Wilson's Security Radio Advertisment' for Saxon Studio
( Sound Mix )


'Phenomena' by Kristina Kraskov
( Music + Film Mix ) 

'Finding Elizabeth' by Audrey Bosito
( Music  )